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Making Transportation Accessible – A Canadian Planning Guide

Cover of the Planning Guide This comprehensive work provides practical information and guidelines for achieving accessibility in every transportation mode. The result of extensive consultation and research by a multidisciplinary team of experts, this Transportation Development Centre publication offers the best in Canadian experience and practice. The guidelines, however, are applicable anywhere in the world.

It's all in the guide

From trip planning and terminal design to training programs and research – you'll find what you're looking for – along with many illustrations and handy checklists. A detailed table of contents and an excellent index allow you to zero in on the topics that interest you. The extensive reference list and bibliography offer a broad range of source material.

It's a must for ...

  • policy makers
  • planners 
  • designers
  • operators 
  • manufacturers
  • architects 
  • researchers
  • rehab program managers
TP 13114E
1998/ISBN 0-660-17452-9, 380 pages

Also available in French:
Accessibilité des transports au Canada – Manuel de Planification (TP 13114F)

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